Geothermal Power

Geothermal power (Geo Exchange) is a sustainable energy source, which is produced from heat stored below the earth’s surface. Every time the sun shines, the earth’s energy is restored. Our Geothermal Heat Pumps harness this stored energy and convert it to a usable heat source that can be distributed into your home for efficient heating and hot water generation. During the summer months, the equipment reverses the cycle removing the heat and humidity from the home and transfers it back into the ground.

Why choose Geothermal heating & cooling?

  • Environmentally friendly, no green house gas emissions
  • Ultra efficient, up to 70% reduction in heating & cooling costs
  • Reliable; equipment not exposed to outdoor elements
  • No combustion; No fuel, No fire, No carbon monoxide
  • Long term cost savings
  • Highly adaptable for all types of heating & cooling application

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