Regardless of the fuel or heat source you have, we believe keeping your home and family comfortable is top priority. Thermal Solutions offers a wide range of high quality and high efficiency equipment, from forced air gas, to in-floor radiant and Geothermal. We believe each home and family are unique and we want to help you find the right SOLUTION for your needs.

Natural Gas Systems

This safe, reliable heating source is by far the most cost effective fossil fuel for heating your home and hot water. Easily accessible, readily available, in most residential applications, Natural gas equipment has ratings of up to 96% efficiency. The most common applications found are Forced Air Furnaces, Hydronic Boilers and Unit Heaters.

Heat Pumps / Hybrid Heat Systems

Air source heat pumps provide clean efficient heating year round. When combined with a high efficiency gas furnace, Hybrid Heating can take advantage of the best of both technologies for complete comfort within your home. Hybrid Heating systems help you cut down on your carbon footprint and have proven to be a very affordable option.


With rising energy costs, Geo Exchange Systems help reduce expensive heating bills, while operating cleaner and more efficiently than any other conventional heating source. For more information, please visit our Geothermal section.

Solar Heating

Solar Heating systems can drastically reduce your energy cost and generally only require minor additions to your current Hydronic heating system. If you have a boiler or radiators, we can provide you with a cost effective solution for your heating requirements. By using a combination of Solar collectors and heat exchangers, these systems absorb energy from the sun and it transfers into the water being used by your current boiler. This results in shorter run times on the boiler and lower energy costs throughout the heating season.

In-floor Radiant

This type of heating provides an efficient, yet comfortable solution for many applications including bathrooms, kitchens and basements, as well as for snow / ice melting on outdoor surfaces. With an even flow of heat within a room, along with the natural flow of heat rising, it creates a steady stream heat source. Radiant heating gives homeowners the option to control where they want to allocate the heat, resulting in a more cost effective heat source.