Hot Water

Hot water is no longer just a tank in your basement. New products and technologies provide endless options for heating Domestic water.

  • Tank-less / On-Demand
  • Solar
  • Rental Water Heaters

Tank-less or instantaneous water heaters heat water rapidly on an “as-needed” basis, resulting in an endless supply of hot water while reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.

With Solar domestic hot water appliances, renewable energy from the sun is used to heat your water, providing a clean and cost effective solution.

Rental Water Heaters are offered by some of the larger heating and cooling companies, it is our opinion that renting appliances is not a cost effective solution. At current rental rates, a home owner would pay 2-3 times the actual cost of purchasing their own water heater over the lifespan of the equipment. Typically the life span of a conventional water heater is 15 yrs. We offer top quality water heaters with up to 8 yrs warranty. Why rent when you can own at a fraction of the cost?!